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YOU CAN DO IT! Anchor of Promise #13

Are there days where you find yourself barely hanging on for dear life? There are many days I feel this way if we had a late night with our youngest and our son wakes up before the sun. Keeping up with house responsibilities, child responsibilities, helping my husband, and doing this blog plus my own bible time, can be a huge challenge. BUT it’s in the moments of weakness that I remember this simple truth!

“I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.”Philippians 4:13

The days I find myself so stressed or have no patience for my kids, I remember that I did not start my day off claiming this promise to heart. I woke up in a bad mood due to abrupt screaming from my son, or my daughter. I throw the covers off and stomp into find messes greeting me that morning and the start to my morning is ruined. Did my kids ruin it? Not at all. It was my attitude and my decision to not throw my anchor of dependence for that day or everyday, to the One Who sustains me.

Every morning is a new day to remember God’s faithful promise that He is there to help us by renewing us daily with a fresh2015-06-24_10.26.25 start and mindset. It is our choice to act on them. If you are like me and can get boggled down by so much and stress easily, then you and I definitely need to somehow remember these promises that God wants to help us and for us not to stress. I purposely have a verse on my desk by the bed that says “Joy Comes in the Morning” Psalm 30:5 so that I remember that God has given me a new day to start over.

Whether you are a busy college student, someone who works a lot of jobs, single parent, or parent etc. Remember that it is your choice to take hold of the promise that you can do all things through Jesus Who gives you strength! God knows we are weak and need HIS strength. So thankful for His promises. Especially on Sunday mornings like these where my husband works and I have to get out the door to church with kids..speaking of, I gotta go!

Happy Sunday!

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