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Who is your daddy and what does he do? Anchor of Promise #7

Anchor of Promise #7 God IS my Father.

I know cheesy subject line, but Kindergarten Cop is on my top 10 movies..

I am blessed to have an amazing, supportive Father in my life. We are so much alike and he is always getting my jokes or understands my feelings. I remember after my Mom passed away when I was 8 yrs old, how he had to get 3 girls ready for school and be Mr.Mom to us until he remarried again. My Dad has been through so much, has been so respectful to women and loves God with all his heart. He was the standard I looked for in a husband.

Fathers-DayWhich now I can say, I am blessed to have a Husband who is the Father to our 2 beautiful kids. He works long hours, dealing with things I cannot even imagine and yet comes home with a smile on his face greeted by our kids. I love how they press their little faces against the glass door after I announce “Daddy’s home!” Once they see him walking up the steps all chaos breaks loose. I love how he chooses to  leave his “work” at work. He gets on the floor and wrestles with our son, and loves on our daughter. Rob is truly an amazing, selfless person and I could not be any more blessed then to have him as the father to our 2 babies!

. BUT what I can say is that you have a Heavenly Father, Who loves you so much! He moved heaven and earth just to be with you! He knows you better than anyone else, He created you and knew exactly the story He was going to write with your life. He holds you when you cry or get hurt. He stands and applauds you when you have victories, because you are His. He is the perfect Father and we can celebrate Him today as well!

God is our Father and we are His children when we come to the saving knowledge of our need for Him. When we realize that He is the only one who can take our sins away, that He is the only true God, and that He took our sin payment by dying on the cross, then by faith when we believe this we are saved and “adopted” as His children.

“I will be a Father to you, And you shall be My sons and daughters, says the Lord God Almighty.”- 2 Corinthians 6:18

How awesome is that! That the Creator of the universe that formed us, is our Father too!? It may be hard to understand this type of bond if you never have had this, but you CAN have this with God. He wants you to be in His family and for Him to love and bless you, just like a parent wants for their child.

I am thankful for my Dad, Husband and even Father-in-law. But the greatest Father that is perfect, completes me, knows me inside out, calls me “His Child.” It’s a crazy thought but yet so amazing and humbling at the same time!

Happy Father’s Day, to you fathers out there that may be reading this! It is a hard job being a parent, but God has assigned your children specifically to you. He knows that you are the PERFECT Dad for your kids and no one can love them as much as you can!


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