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I’m Known by the Famous One! Anchor of Promise #4

Exodus 33:17-” For you have found grace in My sight, and I KNOW YOU BY NAME.”

I love the story behind this verse. The relationship between God and Moses is one like none other! I recommend reading the story of Moses beginning in Exodus and mark each time you see God turn away His wrath on the Children of Israel that He delivered out of slavery, because of how much favor Moses had with Him. Moses pleaded for His people’s case and He would not move one more step unless God stayed with them and directed their ways. So many times the people complained against Moses and God saying their journey was in vain and God was just going to kill them in the desert and not allow them to see the Promised Land like He said He would..and yet Moses still knelt in prayer before God and pleaded for His mercy on his people.

dr-martin-luther-king-jrThis is such a good reminder to me that not only does God know us by name, but that I need to pray for lost souls more and for Christians that have been led astray by false teachings. Moses had such a compassion for his people that continually disobeyed the commandments God gave them. God did deal with their sin justly in some cases, but majority of the time Moses prayed for His mercy and God heard Him. Is our relationship with the Lord so strong that when we pray to Him to give us mercy, to give our Nation Mercy, to bring back peace and justice and morals..will He answer you because He knows you by name? He knows your name to be a “faithful prayer warrior” that genuinely cares for others souls? Or does he see us as just “the one who wants everything and uses God like a genie”? This was a hard question to swallow myself because there are days I feel like I don’t pray but when in distress. But the amazing part is that God will hear us when we pray if our hearts are genuine. (In my distress I cried to the Lord, and He heard me.”-Psalm120:1)

I encourage you today to take a few moments after reading this to join me in a few prayer requests for our Country! Prayer takes effort. There isn’t a “perfect” way of saying a prayer to God, its just talking to Him from your heart.

Cling your anchor to the rock of this Promise. That being faithful to God in prayer and seeking His guidance from the Bible, He knows you by name. He knows you are a faithful follower and wants to bless you.

Prayer Requests for today:

1.Our country- that God will have mercy on our country who has turned it’s back on Him.

2. Our President- to make wise decisions as he finishes out his Presidency, and for the upcoming election.

3. For each other! (My prayer for you is that you will continue to follow after the Jesus and God of the BIBLE not human opinions. Stay faithful to reading the Bible and He will guide you!)

4. For a lost soul you know. That God can use you to reach out to them to tell them the truth!


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