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Anchor of Promise #1 “God promises daily renewal”

2 Corinthians 4:16- ” Therefore we do not lose heart. Even our outward man is perishing, yet the inward man is being renewed day by day.”

It is inevitable, we are all aging. Things may not move or work like they used to. We can buy skin creams to make us look younger or get surgeries done to look tight and perky, but in reality we can’t stop aging. Sometimes when I look in the mirror I tend to wonder what happened to the last 10 years of my life? It went so quickly and the stress of life itself is shown on my face and hair color. But I am reminded by God that even though my outward appearance may whither or not look as exuberant, my inward being can be renewed. This is what Webster says about the word “renewed”.

Renewed- restored to a new condition.psalm-51-10

We can try and renew our outward appearance so much but God promises that our inward soul can be made brand new again! What does that mean? It’s like a dirty dish that has been sitting in a sink all day. It has food and grease caked on it. Do you stick it back in the cabinet for use later? No we wash it so that it can be renewed or cleaned again. That is just like our hearts. Our hearts get so gunked up with the worlds philosophies or by sin. We tend to feel guilty, shame, or unmotivated to get in God’s word because we have allowed our relationship to become stagnant. But He promises us that if we daily come to Him and get cleansed through repenting our sins to Him, He will renew us! He will clean our heart so that we can take on the day through the power of His Holy Spirit and be used for Him! And being able to do that, we can’t help but be excited or talk about the greatness of God. That relationship has been restored again.

I encourage you today to be the best version of yourself and you can only do that by renewing your heart and mind. Mondays are so hard to be motivated for, but list out 5 things you are grateful about today. Pray and ask God to use you for what His purpose is for you on this particular Monday. And not just today but each day. It is a day by day process of putting God first and us last. Claim his anchor of promise that you can be made brand new today instantly, FREE OF CHARGE!


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