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On the right track!

I don’t even know where to start on this post but to just give Jesus a shout of praise! THANK YOU!!

Last night I spent a long time just looking at what’s coming up here and it was like I started to doubt what I was about to do with these Anchor’s of Promise. I started thinking who really cares? Will this even be a blessing to someone? Being restless I stayed awake until my husband came home from work at one in the morning. We talked about it and I have to say I am so in love with how much he believes in this because its GOD not me. I know that sounds like it’s not supportive right? But think about just how far can we go to bless people if it is on our own strength? If it is just our own words? Not too far. Whenever you are about to do something for the Lord, Satan tries to make you doubt and keep you silent. But set your anchor in the assurance that Jesus needs to be proclaimed. That He desires us to live out loud for Him! I heard a great quote and not sure whom it’s by “We can betray Jesus with our words and with our silence.”

Today at church our Pastor (also my father-in-law) mentioned how we are to be vessels, cleansed, and ready to be used by God. Have you ever been given a dirty plate to eat off of? Thankfully I never have, but that was his analogy. God can’t use dirty dishes for His work. We need to be cleansed of our sins daily and also die to ourselves daily (humble not proud) and THEN He can use us. He wants to bless you beyond measure by using you, but are you clean and ready?

I’m excited for tomorrow’s start of our Anchors of Promise because I know without a doubt this is what God has called me to do. I have a quick hand written reminder to myself on my work station that He must increase and I must decrease.

So I hope that through these next several months as I bombard your facebook walls or even just these blogs of the Promises of God, that you will be encouraged and motivated to love Jesus more and to see just how much He gives us by faith, through His mercy and grace! I want to encourage you, never doubt God’s work. Never doubt the amazing power the Holy Spirit has through us when we proclaim the Gospel! It’s not about how many people follow you, its just about you doing what God called you to do!

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