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Forever Forgiven

Knitting gives me a lot of “thinking” time. Unless of course my 2 toddlers are awake then it always gets interrupted. But tonight as I was knitting my white scarf I couldn’t help but be reminded of how much I have been forgiven of by my Heavenly Father.

We tend to put sin in categories of one being worse than the other. For years that was how I felt towards even my own sins and not be serious about confessing to God. I would think “Well I didn’t kill someone so my white lie wasn’t that bad.” But to God sin is SIN. Sin is what separated Him from us and what nailed His son Jesus Christ to the cross. Sin is what hinders our prayer lives. Sin is what makes us miss out on God’s blessings!

Do you ever doubt your forgiveness? For instance if you have done something in the past and you have asked for forgiveness but it whispers in your ear “how could God forgive you?” I know I have felt like those words were so strong in my ears before, but see that is doubt. That is a lack of a relationship with Jesus. Because if you truly KNOW Him you would be amazed at the fact that when He forgives you, He chooses to not remember your sin anymore. (Hebrews 10:17) He removes your sin as far as the east is from the west! (Psalm 103:12) When we doubt God’s forgiveness we are doubting His sovereign power! How amazing is the love and forgiveness of Jesus! We tend to think like humans do and think that God will throw our mishap in our face when we mess up again like we do to each other. That is not so! He genuinely has forgiven you! Let us not forget too though how HOLY and JUST He is as well. He must punish sin if it is not confessed. Just like a good judge in court should serve justice to a trial.

Maybe you have never truly given your heart to God because you feel like what you have done in the past or currently is unforgivable. See Satan has you right where he wants you. But let me just remind you of the reason of why Jesus came to earth to die on the cross…Y.O.U.  He CAN and WANTS to forgive you if you will ask Him to!

But oh, how beautiful and sweet it is when you truly confess and repent of your sins to God, and with the power of the Holy Spirit live a life of victory over sin. To know that your heart is as white as this scarf. As white as snow and you have a new chance to glorify the One Who died for your sins. The One that chooses to remember your sins no more! Forever forgiven is what you are!2015-06-11_21.50.30

Just remember, when the devil reminds you of your past…remind him of his future!


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