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God why in the world did you choose me to be a parent?!

Parenting is so hard, especially when you have a strong-willed child. My 3 yr old son is so strong willed. We have now reached the stage of everything being an argument or he negotiates. He has to have the last word and feels he has a better option. I have read many strong willed child books that say praise the leadership ability that they have and nurture it but there is a way to do that without forgetting discipline.

I have tried several things and there are days I can tell he wants nothing to do with me. He is only 3!

I want to encourage you parent that is reading this. Your child was assigned to you by God. God chose you to nurture, discipline, and teach His child. He saw that you were the one to be blessed experiencing your child’s life whether it is good things or the troubling things.

Yes I may not be as advanced as you reading this (you may have a 5th grader, teen, or even adult child) BUT we all are parents and there comes times in our parenting we ask ourselves “How can I be better?” “Why isn’t my child grasping this?” “Am I failing as a parent?” Trust me I have these thoughts ALOT, but God reminds me not to worry about those things, that if I am consistent in my teaching, in my love, and in my discipline then I am doing exactly what He wants me to do with my child. Our children are humans. They make choices just like we do.  We tend to think as we hold our newborns “She/He is perfect!” and yes to a degree they are perfect in our eyes but as they grow older and get their personality and a thinking mind they start battling us and we get frustrated and annoyed. We over react or even want to get away from our kids when tensions are high.

Aren’t you glad that our Father who made us, that while we were sinners Christ died for us? (Romans 5:8). That when we deliberately sin against God, He will discipline us but withhold most of his anger and wrath that we really do deserve? That He holds us and  loves us without holding that wrong against us? We need to remember that yes our children are disobedient and it takes consistency and discipline but DO NOT SIN in your anger. Remember to hold them after a spanking and remind them you love them. Emphasize their strengths and how much you desire their joy and love! Jesus does this with us and he never puts us down or publicly shames us. Our responsibility is to yes discipline but also to show the love of Christ.

So just remember you are NOT ALONE. We all struggle as parents and even go as far as asking God “what were you thinking?” but He knows what is best and He who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it! (Philippians 1:6) Hang in there parent! You were chosen and are doing a great job! You may not get a pat on the back right now or a thank you everyday as you clean up spilled milk, change diapers, or even make sure your child has a curfew, but you are doing amazing things for your child! You are not a failure!


Another Mom who struggles just like you!


2 thoughts on “God why in the world did you choose me to be a parent?!”

  1. Anchored in Christ, be encouraged. Your child is responding to authority in much the same way we adults do to God. God loves anyway. Don’t fear making mistakes, little children are quick to forgive and they are amazingly resilient! And I believe they do respect authority; if not now, they will. If you haven’t read my “Consider the Puppy” try to work it in. I think you will enjoy it.

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